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Jun 16, 2019

I felt very fortunate to have my Dad, Lew Herndon and my Step-Mom, Susan come for a visit recently and as we were talking about life experiences, the subject of owning your own business and being an entrepreneur came up. Both of them owned their own businesses (separately)  for almost 40 years! That's almost 80 years of experience between them! The wisdom that they have is evident and the example that they set for me was huge as I was growing up and then as I myself became an entrepreneur and owner of a home-based business in Direct Selling. Business is Business no matter what kind you own and business principles are very consistent through any kind of business. I asked them if they would consider recording a Podcast with me and at first they both shied away as they didn't understand what a PodCast really was and what the process would entail. As soon as I explained to them what and how it would be done, they jumped on board as the Risk Takers, and Visionaries that they were and are to this day even though both are retired now. 

I think you will totally enjoy and learn from my parents as I have throughout my life! Enjoy this very special and historic Cuppa with the Queen Podcast