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Jun 14, 2019

As the Leader of the International Pink Power Queendom Team it is my privilege and honor to host a Team Retreat every year and this year was in Oklahoma. It was so extra special as we had women from the USA, Canada and Australia meet up in Sapulpa, Oklahoma where the SeneGence MidWest Corporate Office and Distribution Center is, plus the ROK Ranch owned by Ben and Joni Kante (Founder and CEO of SeneGence) which is the Kante's home while in OK.  Joni so graciously hosted us as a team for a day of Training, Food and Fun. What CEO of a Billion Dollar Company takes the time to invest into each and every distributor in the comfort of her home? Representing a truly International Team, the Pink Power Queendom was recognized by Joni as the FIRST ever International Team to come to the ranch. After the retreat was officially over and everyone was about to head home via airport I decided that it would be fantastic for the girls still at the hotel to share some of their takeaways from our time together. The sound quality is not the best as it was recorded in a hotel room, but what these girls say is priceless! EVERY TEAM LEADER SHOULD BE AS BLESSED AS I AM TO HAVE SUCH AN AMAZING TEAM!

I AM TRULY HUMBLED and realize the POWER of coming together as a team! GO PINK POWER! This is more than Direct Sales, more than selling LipSense, more than making money...It's about the SeneSisterhood and the bonds that are created! Some will end up to last a lifetime!