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Sep 22, 2018

 I was honored to be interviewed by Josiah and Madelyn Sifuentes of the Lippy Supply Podcast where they asked me to tell my story as a Pioneer SeneGence Distributor and my journey learning how to be a Direct Seller. I tell funny stories, memories and truths...You need to learn how to keep going...Persistence... how to Keep on Keeping On! Stories of Joni Rogers-Kante, Stories of me and my experiences as a founding distributor. It's easy to forget that it started 20 years ago for SeneGence and for me....The Sisterhood we now know as the SeneSisterhood started way back at the is a culture that no other Multi-Level company has.....Obstacles along the way, trying new things, changing with the times, and being Duplicatable...I learned to shift my thinking... to grow and go! Work toward building a Legacy.....When you are stuck take massive action. It might take a Mindset shift..These are all little tidbits of wisdom found in this podcast.